Wallpaper App Screenshots

Here you can view screenshots of the many screens available in 3D Wallpaper Pro for iPad.

iPad Wallpapers App Screenshots
3D Wallpaper Packs

iPad Wallpaper Packs.

Our 1st release sees 8 packs included, that's over 400 beautiful iPad Wallpapers. Stop searching and start enjoying, life's way too short...

iPad Wallpaper Themes.

Our Wallpaper themes include Stunning Digital Abstracts, Gorgeous Imaginary Landscapes, Psychedelic Fractals and Thrilling Sci-Fi iPad Wallpapera.

iPad Wallpaper Themes
iPad App Updates

iPad Wallpaper Updates.

Free Updates, Every Month.
New iPad wallpapers, spanning every category keeps your iPad Fresh!

Unique, Original, Exclusive.

Keep seeing and tired of the same old iPad wallpapers? Not here, professionally designed by us just for you...

Unique and Exclusive iPad Wallpaper

FEATURED By Apple in - New And Noteworthy - Check Out The Screenshots!

We're just itching to share our iPad wallpaper App, 3D Wallpaper Pro with the world, so here it is!

Apple just doesn't allow us to show more than 5 images on our app store listing, so we've created this gallery for you to explore our iPad wallpaper app before you take to leap and test drive it for yourself.

iPad Wallpaper App - Gallery View
iPad Wallpaper App - Options Menu
iPad Wallpapers Monthly Updates
Preview iPad and iPad 2 Wallpapers with Homescreen Icons